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Ref.No DAV/WBC/ 010 /2016-17                                DATE-07/04/2016


Dear Parents,


Thanking  you for your cooperation in the previous session we’d once again request the students and the parents to extend a family support to the school for a healthy co-operation and  sound coordination amongst us all to facilitate natural growth and development to the child in this school. The paradox of this age is that we have bigger houses but smaller hearts, we have always been all the way to the moon and back but have trouble to communicate with our neighbours. The time requires to have human beings with positive attitude to cope up with the rapid changes coming in the world. Education is to prepare the children for life. Hence, with the vision-“Nurturing-Aware, Responsible and Empowered learners, here we have some of the important points for information  to all with intent to get better follow up.


  1.     It is an earnest desire of the school that the students must speak English during the school working hours in all the affairs of the school campus life to make the students well  versed in this language. We expect and request all the parents to encourage their wards to follow this practice Language defaulter fine may be imposed to the defaulters.


 2.      Reading English newspaper everyday for better comprehension is compulsory. Kindly see  that your ward                                                      ( Std.VIII  to  XII ) is bringing Eng. newspaper daily in the school.


 3.      School is holding special morning classes for std. VIII  to XII  students & Remedial  classes for tail enders. Please see that your wards utilise this opportunity to the fullest. Special heavy fine, may be imposed on the absentees.


 4.      Your child will be given a new student’s diary which contains columns for specimen signatures alongwith photographs. Please furnish three specimen signatures alongwith photographs Any kind of correspondence with school must bear any of these specimen signatures, failing which we will not be able to entertain your representation. Please submit the diary extract with all the details alongwith the photographs of the students and the guardians within one week of the receipt of the diary.


 5.      So often request is made to relieve students during the school working hours, sometimes just after the finish of one period or two & that too for simple reasons. Besides loss of studies, this is not desirable for several other reasons too. So please make such requests only in case of emergency and the application for this purpose must be signed & submitted by the parents whose specimen signature should be available in the student’s diary , lest we should not be able to accede to it. Blood test candidates should get it approved before parent’s arrival.


6.       Please do not give non-veg(even eggs)& junk food to the students in tiffin. Better prefer to add a bit of salad and fruits. Do not send tiffin late ( it wont be accepted ).


7.       Repeating diary extract, students only with a minimum attendance of 75% are entitled to take Summative/Annual Examinations. 75% Attendance in both the Summative Assessments (SAs) is mandatory for promotion to the next higher class. Shortage of attendance % i.e. below 75% in class VI-XII shall not permit the child to sit for the Exam. Attendance on 26th Jan & 15th Aug is mandatory for VI onwards.


8.       Absence without sanctioned leave is viewed seriously. In case of 3 consecutive days of absence  without any information student’s name shall automatically get struck off. 2 months fees dues will lead  to name getting struck off.  However, he / she may be readmitted (subsequent to the Principal’s direction) after clearing the dues. Please follow the present system sincerely. Leave application must be there in white A4 size paper & in advance. You may inform the teacher telephonically in emergency.


9.       We have Parent-Teacher  Meet on every Saturday  (CCA Periods) for board classes and the first/last students of the month unless notified otherwise for the other classes. Parents must attend the meet whenever it is being called. If any parent is unable to attend P.T. Meet ,he/she must inform the class teacher through application  beforehand or the child may not be permitted to attend the class.Meet the Principal/Teachers as per visiting hours give on the Notice Board. VI-XII children must accompany their parents in PT meet.


10.     As per DAV CMC guideline, track suit will be introduced in this session. Apron for the Science Practical Classes (Std. IX - XII) & Tracksuit for Physical Education (Std. XI - XII) has been made a must. Time may be granted to the students upto summer vacation only.


11.     Ensure that your child brings all the books and copies well covered with brown plastic coated cover and name sticker by 11th April,2016. No consideration in this regard.


12.     CCE, the new pattern of education, emphasizes on the activity based learning. Encourage your child to join/take  part in CCA Activities. / Volunteer work / Social Service / School Clubs.


13.     In order to inculcate leadership quality, the students are assigned the duty of Monitors such as Safe, Language, P.A.P., Health, Clubs etc. Encourage your children to come forward & join any of the 20 clubs running in the schools.




14.     Std. IX & X : The students may refer Work Experience Section of the Report Card of the students and select any five activities out of Work Experience heading of Student’s Diary in addition to the activities done in class.


15.     Researches show that most of the students get derailed due to use of modern gadgets. Costly materials like Wrist Watches, Mobiles, I Pod, Pen Drive , CDs etc, These are strictly prohibited.


16.     The students whose fees for the session 2015-16 are not clear & result has not been given will not be allowed to continue in the class from 1st April 2016.Clear the fee dues in the new session upto 30th April’ 16 without fine as delay in this will be assumed that one has left the school without TC. However from May onwards, the payment can be made as given in Fee Card. Whenever one requires TC , One needs to clear the fee dues upto the date of application for TC.


17.     Please read student’s diary properly . See the remarks/ advice/ suggestion given  by the teacher in the students diary daily & follow the rules. See the diary for Promotion, Leave, Withdrawal, Admission rules.


18.     H.W & Class Test schedule, Academic Calendar ,CCA Calendar have been given on Display Board. Advise your children to remain updated.


19.     Students must come to school in clean, well pressed dress, sober hair style and well polished shoes. Low waist / narrow trousers (boys) and short skirts, tight suits (girls) must be avoided.


20.     Home work / Assignment-Parent / Guardian must provide congenial atmosphere of study to their wards at home. They also must encourage them in completing their home work / assignment in time.


21.     Absence in bulk ( 5 & more), absence from spl. Class, absence  on reopening, during the week before the exam and absence preceding & succeeding long holidays will make one liable to penalty, may be heavy.


22.     JNT report card which reflects the overall performance of the students in scholastic & co-scholastic area with requisite details of the students is going to be introduced from this session 2016-17. The sample of this report card has been displayed on the board, ( Rs.135/- per card ).


23.     Parents are requested to deposit the school fees themselves. Students will not be permitted to deposit fees. No fee collection on PT Meet days.


24.     No entry during recess. Do follow it


25.     School is NO MOBILE ZONE as per CBSE directive. Parents should put it on Vibration / Silent mode before entering the campus.


26.     Fee dates for a particular month is only 1st to 15th of that very month.


27.     Don’t permit your children to go out in the name of Group Project. unless it is given through Diary note. Don’t  give money in any name unless it is asked through diary note.


28.     Two/Four wheeler riding without license is heavily fined so don’t give it to your ward(s). If your child has driving licence submit a copy of it for special permission.


29.     Keep updating your phone no. & address to make us handle emergency successfully.


30.     Since it is a non-financed school means not getting financial aid from the company or govt. Thus, the only source of fund generation for school expenses is fees  We ensure quality education on par with city school but fees are much less than that. Do Cooperate for your child’s betterment.


31.     Summer camp will be conducted in the 2/3rd week of May. Kindly encourage your wards to attend hobby classes as General English, Art & Craft, Games & Sports and Music classes.


                32.     Reference CBSE circular Feb,2015, any act of  indiscipline  by the students would be viewed very seriously.

As per CBSE guideline D.O. No. 12- 19/2012 RMSA -1 dtd. 09/03/2015 bullying (Direct bullying, Indirect bullying & Cyber bullying) is strictly prohibited inside the school campus. It may lead to heavy fine or rustication of the Students,

Direct bullying -  Physical intimidation or attacks, verbal abuse., unwanted attention and advances, damaging property.


Indirect bullying – Spreading malicious rumours.


Cyber bullying – Sending unpleasant SMS messages, photographs or emails  to the victims or on social sites. 


Feel free to make any suggestion for the betterment of OUR school


Wishing all the best to OUR children

Family  of  DAV  Ghatotand.




  (Kiran Yadav)