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Ref.No DAV/WBC/ 001 /2021-22                                                                                                                                 DATE-01/04/2021



Dear Parents,                                                                                                    

The school feels pleasure  wishing you all very happy session 2021-22, with a hope that jointly we can nurture  & groom our children to make them academically strong & socially responsible citizens, Lets design their future weaving their passion into it.


Post Pandemic Session demands Blended learning for the students to expand learning  &  make the children better equipped. Do encourage your children to reskill themselves with the skill on demand. Online classes will run on weekly basis parallely for all the classes beginning with VIII to XII.


01.            Your child will be given a new student’s diary which contains columns for specimen signatures alongwith photographs. Please furnish three specimen signatures alongwith photographs Any kind of correspondence with school must bear any of these specimen signatures, failing which we will not be able to entertain your representation. Please submit the diary extract with all the details alongwith the photographs of the students and the guardians within one week of the receipt of the diary.


02.            Ensure that your child brings all the books and copies well covered with brown plastic coated cover and name sticker by  the date conveyed . No consideration in this regard.


03.            It is an earnest desire of the school that the students must speak English during the school working hours in all the affairs of the school campus life to make the students well  versed in this language. ( We expect and request all the parents to encourage their wards to follow the practice of spoken English ).


 04.           Reading English newspaper everyday for better comprehension is compulsory. Kindly see  that your ward  ( Std.VII  to  XII ) is bringing English news paper prescribed by the teacher.


 05.           School is holding special morning classes for std. VIII  to XII  students & Remedial  classes for tail enders   throughout  the session in the morning & evening. Please see that your wards utilises this opportunity to the fullest. Absenteeism in this shall be viewed seriously.


06.            Please do not give non-veg(even eggs)& junk food to the students in tiffin. Better prefer to add a bit of salad and fruits in healthy corner of their tiffin. Do not send tiffin late.


07.             75% Attendance  is mandatory for appearing in the term / Annual Exam  or promotion to the next higher class. Shortage of attendance % i.e. below 75% shall not permit the child to sit for the Exam. Attendance on 26th Jan & 15th Aug is mandatory.

08.            Absence without sanctioned leave is viewed seriously so better send application in advance. In case of  3 consecutive days of absence  without any information student’s name shall automatically get struck off. 2 months fees dues will lead  to name getting struck off.  However, he / she may be readmitted (subsequent to the Principal’s direction) after clearing the dues. Please follow the present system sincerely.  You may inform the teacher telephonically. ( Only in out station emergency ). Cashless Transaction deposit the school fees online or through POS Debit / Credit card without charges. Students shall not be permitted to deposit fees


09.            We have Parent-Teacher  Meet on every Saturday  (CCA Periods) for board classes and the last day of the month (unless notified otherwise) for the other classes.  If any parent is unable to attend P.T. Meet ,he/she must inform the class teacher through application  beforehand or the child may not be permitted to attend the class. Meet the Principal/Teachers as per visiting hours given on the Notice Board. Children must accompany their parents in PT meet.  Both father and mother should attend the ParentTeacher meetings organized by the school from time to time.


10.            Encourage your child to join/take  part in CCA Activities. / Volunteer work / Social Service / School Clubs for holistic development.


11.            In order to inculcate leadership quality, the students are assigned the duty of Monitors such as Monitors for Safety, Language, P.A.P., Health, Reading Clubs,Wellness club Monitor etc. Encourage your children to come forward & join any of the 20 clubs running in the schools.


12.            Researches show that most of the students get derailed due to use of modern gadgets. Costly materials like Wrist Watches, Mobiles, I Pod, Pen Drive , CDs etc. Electronic items like mobiles, calculators and cameras are strictly forbidden on the school campus.


13.            Please read student’s diary properly . See the remarks/ advice/ suggestion given  by the teacher in the students diary daily & follow the rules. See the diary for Promotion, Leave, Withdrawal, Admission rules.   


14.            H.W & Class Test schedule, Academic Calendar ,CCA Calendar have been given on Display. Advise your children to remain updated.                               


15.            The students whose fees for the session 2020-21 are not clear & result has not been received will not be allowed to continue in the next class from  5th  April 2021. We will have online classes for Nursery to VII and Offline for VIII  to  XII. clear the fee dues of the April,2021 upto 29th April’ 2021 without fine  as delay in this will be assumed that one has left the school without TC. However from May onwards, the payment can be made through  POS / Online . Whenever one requires TC , One needs to clear the fee dues upto the date of application for TC.  Please Follow fee rules.


16.            Fee dates for a particular month is only 5th   to  20th of  that month.  Dates for Annual fee clearance  before  final  exam  are  std X  &  XII - 20th  December 2021,  Std VIII,IX & XI 20th January,2022  and  LKG  to  VII – 28 February,2022.


17.            Students must come to school in clean, well pressed dress, sober hair style and well polished shoes. Low waist / narrow trousers (boys) and short skirts, tight suits (girls) must be avoided.  All the students have to put on neat and clean uniform. The trendy haircut is highly undesirable. In case a student is not in proper school uniform / Apron /White Dress / Track Suit not neatly dressed or not on time to school, he/she will not be allowed to enter the school premises. Parents will be held responsible for the student’s return to their homes. Girls are allowed to wear only small ear tops or studs. No other jewellery is permitted.

Girls students are strictly prohibited from applying mehandi, nail polish or hair colour. Stringent action will be take against defaulters.


All boys (except Sikhs) must keep their hair short. Girls must tie their hair neatly.


18.            Home work / Assignment-Parent / Guardian must provide congenial atmosphere of study to their wards at home. They also must encourage them for completing their home work / C.W.  The new education system has provision of marks for all life skills / activities.


19.            Absence in bulk ( 5 & more), absence from spl. Class, absence  on reopening, during the week before the exam and absence preceding & succeeding long holidays /Vacation will make one liable to penalty.


20.            No entry during recess. Do follow it


21.            School is  NO MOBILE ZONE as per CBSE directives. Parents should keep their mobiles off  / Silent mode before entering the campus.


22.            Don’t permit your children to go out in the name of Group Projects. unless it is advised by the teacher through Diary note. Don’t  give money in the name of school unless it is asked through diary note.


23.            Two/Four wheeler riding without license  will  be taken as indiscipline. If your child has driving licence submit a copy of it for our knowledge.  Parents are requested to kindly ensure that their wards do not drive any vehicle to the school as driving underage is against the law.

.       Parents should see to it that their ward does not come to school drive two wheeler / four wheeler, It is illegal.

  • Pillion riders are also not allowed with their friends.


24.            Keep updating your phone no. & address in the beginning of the session to make us handle emergency successfully. Once entered in software, it can’t be changed. Please submit the phone nos. which is responded. Parents are requested to inform the change of Address, telephone Number and the Email IDs to the class teachers.


25.            Since it is a non-financed school means not getting financial aid from the Company or govt. Thus, the only source of fund generation for school expenses is fees  We ensure quality education on par with city schools but fees are much less than that. Be a part of School family for the betterment of our children.


26.            Summer camp will be organized  in May/ June. Kindly encourage your wards to attend hobby classes, General English, Art & Craft, Games & Sports, Music & Culinary classes.


27.            Reference CBSE circular Feb,2015, any act of  indiscipline  by the students would be viewed very seriously.

As per CBSE guideline D.O. No. 12- 19/2012 RMSA -1 dtd. 09/03/2015 bullying (Direct bullying, Indirect bullying & Cyber bullying) is strictly prohibited inside the school campus. It may lead to heavy fine or  rustication of the Students,

( Direct bullying - Physical intimidation or attacks, verbal abuse., unwanted attention and advances, damaging property. Indirect bullying – Spreading malicious rumours. Cyber bullying – Sending unpleasant SMS messages, photographs or emails  to the victims or on social sites ).


          28.            Please advise your child to go through the Notice Board everyday.

Parents / Guardians are not allowed to take the child home during school hours unless it is very urgent. In that case, parents have to come personally to take the child from the school or send the authorized guardian with proper authorisation letter bearing the signature, Mobile No. of the parent(s) which must tally with the specimen in the diary..


Feel free to make any suggestion for the betterment of  Your  School & Our Children . .


You may see the Principal on working days between 9:00 to 11:30 am


Wish you all a Happy Start  of the session 2021-22                                      




           on behalf of

           Family of DAV Ghatotand                                                                            Stay Safe & keep smiling



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