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The journey of excellence of DAV Ghato right from 1987 is an amalgamation of scholastic and co-scholastic teaching & learning successfully bringing versatility to the personality of the students. The advent of CCE has brought shine to the creativity of the children providing them a platform and full exposure. Education is the true alchemy that can bring desired transformation. The school has to scale various new heights in different dimensions & directions. We are helping & supporting our students them with all our endeavour & activities in implementation of CCE vision. Perseverance and persistence, indispensable qualities for success, would make them stand firm, move steadily and strongly towards their aim with a constant look at our goal.  We’re on the track of capturing the dreams of visionaries of DAV, our forefathers, keeping up and going ahead along with the mission, values of DAV & traditions of Arya Samaj.

We must collectively work for system with intellectual intensity to provide the children all mental stimulation that the Nation epitomizes.

We seek blessings of the almighty and evoke his very presence amongst us all in this journey of excellence. I bless the children & wish them all a very happy, healthy & prosperous life and a great future in the service of humanity. May god ever remain with us to fulfill the dream of transforming our children into complete, contributing citizen.

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WBC(TISCO), PO-Ghatotand
E-mail : davwbd@gmail.com
Website : www.davghato.com

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