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World Environment Day Celebration
Event Start Date : 04/06/2022 Event End Date 04/06/2022

World Environment Day Celebration, 2022
On the occasion of World Environment Day, 2022 school witnessed a wide range of activities encircling the theme of "We have only one earth".
Following assembly activities were conducted to sensitize students towards environment and to let them understand their responsibility. 
Programme sequence 
1.Pledge-Utkarshee Bhaskar ,XB
2.Speech-Swarnim Narayan,VIIIA
3.Motivational song on environment -Sneha Kumari, Std XIIA
4.Pet show followed by display of some typical plant species by students of LKG-II&StdVII.
4.Skit by XB &XC students
5.Dance on barso re barso megha-Std IX girls
6.Skit on awareness towards conservation of environment by XA followed by tribal show by students of Std III-VI 
7.Words of Wisdom by Hon'ble Principal Ma'am 
8.Vote of thanks by Sapna Singh, XA
Alongwith this classroom activities including poem recitation, painting, cloth/paper bag making, planters and bird feeder making and video making on Nature were also undertaken by students from LKG-XII.
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